Step 1: View Proposal

Products proposal are available to be viewed here and can also be requested from the sales team. You can go through a product proposal to know what it is all about.

Step 2: Request Demo

You can request a 30 minutes demo to see how our product works, this will give you full insight and opportunities for our team to answer your questions.

Step 3: Payment

An invoice will be sent to you for payment. Our product prices are affordable and could be paid twice which is 70% upfront and 30% on completion of the setup.

Step 4: Product Setup

At this stage, we will request information / data that is needed to setup your App. The duration in which the setup will be completed is stated in each product proposal.

Step 5: Training

We provide intensive training to all users on how to use our products both in person and online and this is usually scheduled as agreed between you and our team.

Step 6: Support

Our Team are always available to provide continuous support for you, ensuring that you have a great experience and are able use our products effectively.

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